Saturday, June 09, 2007

Amazing Chinese Acrobat Show

Well, another week flew by without blogging...(sorry, Mom!)
But, for my birthday (which was last Wed.) my Dad bought us tickets to see the Chinese Acrobat show that came to town. You want to talk about amazing?? It was AWESOME!! I only took a few photos of it but they were incredible. Sarah had a blast and couldn't take her eyes off them! Some of the photos are a little blurry, sorry about that, but I had to set the camera on the right setting in order for it to take the photos from that far away which let more light in...but caused a small amount of most of the time they were moving.
Let me just suggest for those of you that are planning your trips to China: go to see the Chinese acrobat show when you're there, you won't be disappointed!
This one was taken before I figured out the camera's settings. Of course, it was Sarah's favorite part! She loves the Lion Dance!!

The ladies were holding all these plates and they were spinning them and yes, the one gal's head is on the head of the lady underneath her and she's balancing there. Just Incredible!

These guys were juggling the hats, they were so entertaining!

They were part of the Chinese Comedy of the evening...
...and YES the guy is INSIDE the tube and his hands AND feet are sticking out the SAME end!First of all, the white things are all chairs and they're stacked on top of one another. Second of all, the bottom one is balancing on bottles on the table! Then, she's doing handstands on top of those chairs!

And, the famous one...they're all on the bicycle, circling around the stage!
And afterwards, they were selling DVDs and signing them, we asked if Sarah could have her photo with one of them. She was really nice and we got to practice our large Chinese vocabulary! (...of 3 words!)

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Sarah's LaoLao said...

Oh Boy--I'm so glad you chose to post these right away--the show looks awesome--tell Dad that if I had been there--I would have made him buy me a ticket--after all--isn't that what ex-wives are for? I'm am soooo glad that Sarah was entertained by the show and not just the unusual circumstances--as long as she doesn't take a header down the stairs I guess you could urge her to practice her acrobatics!!
Love to you all

Sarah's LaoLao