Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Very Fun Play Date!

Well, today was lots o' fun for my little one! We had a play date with Angie and her kids, Jared, Corey, and Chelsea and went to this place that has indoor bouncy houses and slides. Before hand, we ate at McD's, so the first 2 photos are from there. Sarah had a blast and was SOOOOOO sleepy when we were done, just right for nap time!
Here is Jared helping Sarah go down the slide at McD's.

They look like they're in Jail, right?
Look, Mama! I can JUMP!

I am pretty good at falling, too!

WEEEEE, these slides are SOOOO fun!

Jared, is such the big brother, he helped Sarah every chance he got!

You mean I have to climb all the way up there, to go down the slide? Are you sure it's worth it?

WEEEE, worth every penny, Mama!

How does this twister game work??

Here comes Chelsea, hot on your tail, Sarah!

Wow, that was too much fun, Mama! We have to come back again after my nap!


Lisa and Tate said...

Wow how fun!!! I will have to find out where this place is!!! Wintertime in Utah is kind of hard to get outdoors with the kids and really let them expend energy!


Sarah's LaoLao said...

That baby doll looks as though she's having more fun than the law allows. I keep looking at one of the pics enlarged and thinking how much older Sarah looks than when you visited us in October--no fair she's not supposed to change THAT much! Love you both.

Sarah's LaoLao