Monday, March 12, 2007

Sarah's Finding Ad from China

I just received this in the mail today, it's the order I placed for Sarah's finding Ad from China. It's the earliest photo I have of Sarah. I think it was taken shortly after she was found at the gate of the orphanage. She was left there at 3 weeks of age, so I'm sure the photo is from as early as 1 month old.
For those of you who don't know the process in China, I'll try to explain it a little bit. To ensure each baby that is put up for adoption is truly abandoned, China will post the child's photo in the newspaper every day for three months prior to putting them available for adoption. These are called finding ads and typically list descriptive information about the child, and the finding location, date of birth and date the child was found.
This first photo is the newspaper with Sarah's ad. This is only one page and there were at least 2 pages in this newspaper. I can imagine that there could have even been more pages than that in each paper. It's amazing how many babies are abandoned and need forever families. Sarah's photo is in the first row, 5th photo from the bottom.

Sarah's AD is the in the middle, here is a close up. The translation says:
"Jin Ai Quan
She was born on 10/27/04
On 11/23/04 she was found at the gate of the orphanage
She has a ruddy complexion and little hair"


Andrea said...

That is amazing. What a cute baby picture. This is definitely something I want for Maya. Thank you for sharing it.

Donna & Joe said...

Hi, I'm a friend of Lisa's from Tate r Bug and popped over from a comment you left on her blog.

Your daughter is adorable and looks so incredibly sweet. How special that you have the finding ad. I hope we are able to get Lauren's ad one day.

Donna :)