Tuesday, March 13, 2007

An Adventure to Remember

Sooo...my friend, Natalia (Nati), took the Train last week and then hopped on a bus in order to save on some gas to go about an hour (by car) to an appointment. Well, it just so happened that Sarah was with her the day that she was going to take this trip and I was telling Sarah about what Nati was going to do. Sarah would NOT stop talking about it, so we decided to go for a ride on the train last Saturday and had a fun family day out. We took the train to one end of the line, got back on, went downtown, stopped at a coffee shop, got back on the train to go home, got on the wrong train, went up to the University, changed trains, went back downtown, got on the right train and went to our car. It was so much fun and Sarah had a BLAST! You know I had to journal our trip on film...

Wow! Another train! She was mesmerized...

She just couldn't get enough of watching what's going on out that window.

Ahhh, that was so much fun!

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