Saturday, January 27, 2007

Play Date

We had a REALLY fun play date on Thursday with my friend, Chelsea and her Mama, Angie. It was so fun, but Mama's camera batteries died after 2 photos so that's all she took.
I like riding the fishie, but I was just warming up to the place and there were lots of times Mama could have taken cute photos of me going down the slides and bouncing around. Oh well...I think that maybe I can get Mama to go again with fresh batteries and then I get to play again! WOO HOO Don't tell Mama it was my secret ploy to get to go play again with Chelsea! HEE HEE

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Sarah's LaoLao said...

What happened to that thingie on the bottom of the page that kept track of Sarah's age? Am not finding it.
Love the pic of Sarah's and Chelsea's playdate--would have liked to have seen a shot of Chelsea, though.

Sarah's LaoLao