Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Here are a few cute photos to show off of new outfits from Sarah's Lao Lao. Sarah has FINALLY progressed to keeping little bows in her hair with her waterspout! I couldn't believe it, but for the last few days, she's left them in for the most part, anyway. I can't believe how much my little baby is growing...she's getting so tall and much less like a baby and much more like a little girl! *sigh*
Yup, I am cute!

I LOVE for Baba to wrap me up in my "sof" so I am not "toad"

Yeah, I'll let Mama think that I will leave my bow in my hair...just wait 'til she turns her head...

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Anonymous said...

Wobin--You just KNOW that the white blouse is one of my favorites (hangover from my Hippie Peasant Dress days)--the black outfit looks just as cute as you promised it would--but the fringed sweater and Poipull pants are a tad too large--no?