Friday, August 11, 2006

Pool Side Fun

Today we had a blast! We went swimming with Shay-shee, as Sarah would say.(Stacey) It was so much fun! They had a little baby pool that was only as high as Sarah's waist and eventually she got bold enough to walk around and play, getting in and out on her own. She was adorable, as usual! Both Stacey and I brought our cameras so hope you enjoy!
Look, Mama! Shay-shee is swirling me around, WEEEEEEEE!
Here's my little baby doll sitting on the bench in the pool
Oh, yeah...I forgot to tell you all that Sarah took a little tumble in the driveway the other day. She wasn't looking where she was going and was distracted by a cute little pomeranian puppy across the street. She tripped and got some nice cement burn on her nose and upper lip. She cried and didn't help any that it was nap time! So, she's been going around showing everyone her OWIE! You can see it pretty well in the above pic!
She's so cute playing with the little foamie fish!
Mama & her girl!
I was bouncing her up and down in her little tube, she loved it!


Auntpatsattic said...

Your pics and Shay-Shee's pics are adorable. She looks as though she is having a ball. She is so cute to me on the phone when she goes through all the sounds that the animals make--she is only 21 months old--hard to believe she's bee here with us for 10 1/2 months--seems like forever.

Tawni said...

Sarah is such a doll and you are such a fabulous mom! Everytime I read your blog you have had another adventure with her and "baba"!