Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Look, Mama, I found my flower towel!

Sarah was so cute this morning, she grabbed her towel, and told me, "towe" In excitement, I said, "YES! Sarah, that's your towel!" Another word to add to the list I'm keeping that gets longer and longer every day! I love this towel, I got it at Sam's Club for only $4.81! What a deal, and she's super cute in it, too! BONUS!
Look at me! I found Mama's contacts case! WOO HOO, look out, here I go away from Mama's reach!
Now, Mama...I'm thinking you better let me take this thing off my head, or else!

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aunt pat's attic said...

She looks like she's challenging you to do as she wishes or she'll get her Triad friends after you!! What a little character!! I'm soooolooking forward to seeing Sarah. . .and you too, of course!