Monday, August 28, 2006

Just another fun day!

Well, I'm trying to get better at getting some photos of my little darling on a more regular basis so her Lao Lao doesn't nag at me for photos! :) I took these over the past few days just for fun.
UH, Yes, Mama...I will tell you exactly what I want, cause I'm just that kinda girl!

Shhhh, if you're really quiet, Mama won't hear me and know that I'm about to do something VERY mischievious!

Don'tcha just love that time right before bed when they get the "I'm sleepy" giggles? One of our favorite times of day! She's a little riot with a capital "R" at that time of night.

This is her "I'm taunting you to follow me cause I know you don't want me to get into stuff and I think it's really fun when you chase me" look!

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