Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More Pool Time Fun!

We went swimming with Sarah's Shay-shee (Stacey) last Fri and had lots of fun. They have that awesome Baby Pool and Sarah just had a blast. I was being a bit anal, however. It was her first time in the pool with her floaties and no tube to sit in, so I got a little freaked when she tripped in the baby pool and didn't know how to balance herself with those floaties on her arms. Never mind that it's only 16 inches deep. It took like 3 times of her getting a mouth full of water before she figured out to hold her head up as those floaties held her up in the water. I also freaked when I was sitting with her in the baby pool and she got out and sprinted for the big pool because Stacey's daughter, Shyanne was going for a swim and Sarah wanted to check it out! I barely got there in time to make sure she didn't drown. Of course, Stacey will say that she was fine...but the over protective first time Mama in me was freaking out!

Troy taught Sarah how to kick in the water and she loves it! Evidently, I was enjoying myself, too, by the laughter that was spewing from my face!

Sarah and Shyanne were playing catch with the ball, Sarah LOVED playing with Shy!

Aww, dontcha just adore that little face? She's not letting go of that ball, that's for sure!
WEEE, getting a little push from Shyanne in the big pool

There couldn't be a Mama more proud of her little one!

Awww...Sarah kisses are my favorite kind!

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Stacey said...

Pool time is a blast with Sarah and Shyanne, They both really love the water. Shyanne is teaching Sarah to be a fish. Look out next summer!!!!!!!!!!!