Saturday, July 08, 2006

Shout out to my cousin, Sammy!

So, I've officially been a slacker this week with the camera and haven't taken any new photos, I thought I'd include these just for fun! Sarah was wanting to give a shout out to her cousin, Samantha back in Ohio that she was able to meet when we went there last December so my family could meet Sarah for the first time. Sarah's much smaller in these photos and has grown SOOO much since then!

This is Sarah and Samantha hangin' out and playing together. HI Sammy!! we miss you and can't wait to come and visit you in October!

This is my Mama's cousin, Christine...she's Sammy's Mama, I liked meeting her! I especially liked the bottle she was giving me!

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Aunt Pat's Attic said...

Just wish I had the 'Alien Fingers' foto of Samantha from last year's Mother's Day--I can't get over just how drastically Sarah has changed from December til July--that's only 8 months and she seems like a different child--Thank You, Sarah, for asking to talk to LaoLao last night--that really made my evening. Love to you all

Sarah's LaoLao