Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fun at the Park

Today we went to the park...well every day we've been going to the park. In Salt Lake County they have this amazing program all summer long. Any children under 18 get a free lunch at the park, you don't have to sign up or anything...just show up and they feed you. So, since Troy's kids are here, it's been saving my grocery bill a TON of money! Not only that, but it's nice to get them out of the house and playing in the park. Another bonus is that Sarah is exhausted when we get home and goes to sleep IMMEDIATELY! I love that about getting her all tired out at the park! Today, I took the camera and got a few cute photos of the kids just before some older kids plowed Sarah over and she hit her face on the metal steps and started bleeding all over the place from her mouth. I wasn't able to see what was bleeding cause there was too much blood in her mouth but it looks like it's just a fat lip. I don't see anything else in there and besides after I wiped her off and she calmed down, she just wanted to go back and play on the slide so I figured that she was okay. Here are a few park pics.

Look Mama, Bailey is helping me go down the slide! Catch me, Mama!

WEEEEE! The slide is definitely my favorite!

What do you want Mama?? I'm trying to play here!'s a kiss for you! I love you!


Marilyn & Anna said...

Love your pictures!! Sarah is getting so big. It is hard to believe that she has only been home 8 months. All the children have changed so much. I know Anna would love to play at the park with Sarah, BUT I think it might be too far to drive!!!:)

Aunt Pat's Attic said...

Love to see her getting that much activity--when I think of the life that was in store for Sarah and her other Gotcha Day sisters in their country of birth and see what joy their lives are here in the United States I am overwhelmed to the point of tears. . . course I'm frequently overwhelmed to the point of tears cause I can't be present to see these presious years. When I see Sarah--I'm gonna WALLPAPER her with kisses!!!!


Aunt Pat's Attic said...

OOPS--make that Precious--not presious--I knew better--my computer just didn't know any better!!!!