Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Happy 24th of July everyone!

Well, for those of you who aren't from Utah...yesterday was Pioneer Day in Utah. It is a day to celebrate when the pioneers arrived in Utah. They have lots of activities...a parade...lots of fireworks...and fun activities. So, we went to the store and bought a few sparklers, little ground flowers, battling tanks and some fun stuff to light off in the street with the kids. Bailey & Braden had a ball...Sarah...not so much. She was scared of the lights and noise that they made. She just kept backing up into my lap or between my legs as I sat in my lawn chair. It was cute. Finally, she got Troy's attention (since he was the one lighting them all off for the kids) and he helped her with some sparklers. She was really nervous about them at first, but after a little while she was having fun with them and her Baba.

Uh...yes...Baba? I'm not so sure that glowy shiny hot thing is a good idea!

Heehee...maybe it's not so bad when Baba sings to me and waves it around! I love you, Baba!

Look, Mama! I decided that I like sparklers! They're lots of fun!

Yeah, I have some confetti...you want some of this?

See, here's my confetti stuff that came out of that thingy that went, "POP"

Bailey is enjoying her sparklers!

And, of course...so is Braden!


Aunt Pat's Attic said...

Hey--I just found out that if you click on the pic--it enlarges--so I could appreciate Sarah's smile when she finally became less fearful of the fireworks in her BaBa's embrace--Bailey and Braden look good too--looks as though all enjoyed the fireworks--I am really gonna plaster that baby with kisses when I see her--I hate being half the country away from her.


Stacey said...

Wow You guy's have a never ending party at your house!! (: