Sunday, July 30, 2006

A fun day at the ZOO!

Well, since we have a membership to our local zoo, we couldn't have the kids come for a visit without taking them to the zoo. I love that membership. It's only $65 for the whole year and we can take our family plus one guest an unlimited number of times! It's great. The kids had fun and so did we. They had a special event for zoo members only yesterday and we were allowed to enter the zoo at 7:30am instead of the normal 9am. This was great because we were able to see the animals before it started to get too hot (which happened around 11:30am) and they were much more active when it was cooler! It was a blast. Hope you like the photos!
Well, look at this, Miss Sarah finally decided that Braden's no one to be jealous over and is giving him a little smooch on the cheek, right in front of the elephants! Isn't she sweet? As soon as Sarah saw those elephants, she kept pointing at them, saying, "ELL-FAN, ELL-FAN, ELL-FAN!" It was adorable!

In our new Asian Highlands Exhibit where the asian cats exhibits are, Sarah of course, pointing at her Baba and not the least interested in Mama with the camera!

Awww, look's a baby, like me! I must give her kisses!!

Oooh...those giraffes are really tall, Mama!

Weeee! This ride is much more fun that sitting in the boring old stroller!

Here's my cutie and her Baba waiting for the Free flying bird show to start

Here's our family in front of the giraffe exhibit

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It looks so like so much fun!