Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last Minute Trip to Ohio

At the end of March we had some upsetting news, my Grandmother (Dad's side) passed away. Thanks goodness for my Mom and her skymiles, she was able to get Sarah and I plane tickets so we could go to Ohio for the funeral. We were able to stay with my Mom and see my family and also spend some time at the funeral and re-connect with LOTS of my cousins and family on my Dad's side-many of whom I haven't seen since 1988! So, it was great, even though it was a sad occasion it was a blessing to see everyone and now we are keeping in touch!

Here is Sarah with Samantha, my cousin's daughter. She had a blast with Sammy-they were making flowers/bouquets or something here...

We took my Mom's dog (also named Sammy) to the dog park. Don't ask how that went! Let's just say I highly doubt I will ever get Sarah to go to another dog park EVER!

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