Thursday, May 27, 2010

Easter Sunday

Sammy and Sarah waiting for the Easter Bunny to come back.

Sarah wasn't happy that we were leaving, she wanted more time to play with her cousin...can you tell?
Sarah and Sammy playing with their jump ropes they got for Easter!
Uncle Greg decided to join in!

Here's most of my family...My Cousin, Christine (Sammy's Mom), my Mom (Sarah's LaoLao), My Poppy, Uncle Greg, Me, on the bottom, Sarah, Sammy, and my Grandma (Sarah's Gigi)

And...the Easter Bunny has arrived...however Sarah wouldn't go near!!

Here we are in front of my Mom's house. Sarah's Lao Ye, Sarah's LaoLao, Me, Gigi, Sarah, and Poppymore jumproping!

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