Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Preschool Party!

Sarah's preschool closed down at the end of January, and I had the daunting task of finding another one. Well, let me just say that I'm sorry I didn't find the new one in the first place!!! I LOVE the new school, and so does Sarah! It's really wonderful and her teachers are great. We even have a parent teacher conference tonight, do you believe it? For preschool? Awesome!
Well, the parents are invited to join in when the class has parties, and I went to the Valentine's Day party back in February. Armed with my camera, I got some priceless photos of Sarah at school!
After school, Sarah just HAD to pose with her beloved Waldo who was on his "leash".

This is all the "loot" that Sarah came home from school with.

They teach a lot of subjects through music and Sarah just loved the songs and dancing around. She was a joy to watch!

You gotta love those listening skills!

Check out that dancing!!

Sarah is also learning some sign language with some of the songs that they sing in school!

Sarah is filling the kids goodie bags with the Valentine's that she brought.

That's one happy girl!

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