Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Miranda Joy!

I don't what happened with blogger, I think they updated something. Either way, it no longer loads photos in the order I post them! Either way, Miranda Joy had her 4th birthday on Feb. 1st and we had lots of fun celebrating with them.
Chelsea hit that pinata pretty hard!
Sarah just LOVES a party hat!!

Isn't that the cutest ladybug cake?

Not to mention that cute smile on the birthday girl!!
By the way, doesn't Miranda Joy look amazing since the mole was removed from her face??

Sarah's turn hitting the pinata!

Miranda Joy giving it a good hit!

Time for PRESENTS!!!

Playing games with all the kids!

This was a fun Chinese thing that Angie found online, You choose an egg and depending on what is inside, it's lucky...or not!

Then there was the musical dress up game! When the music stopped, you could choose some clothes out of the bag if you were holding it and wear it for the game!

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Tiffany said...

Eliza had that same H.A. dress last of my faves. Sarah is so cute in it too!