Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Lili!

Well, since I'm SOOO behind on blogging, I decided to still post what I had planned and just let it be late! My "niece" Lili, had her 15th birthday last December! She's my best friend's oldest daughter and I've known her since she was 3 months old. I'm so proud of the beautiful (both inside and out) young woman that she's become. I just love this girl! Since her Mom is from Colombia, they had a wonderful birthday celebration with a Quincinera (sp?) that was a blast!
Here is Lili the next morning opening her presents. This is the bible that we bought her.
Here we are with the birthday girl. Isn't she gorgeous?

Here I am with Lili's little sister, Tati...I've known her since before she was born! LOL! She's such a little beauty, herself!

Here is my best friend, Nati, putting Lili's heels on her! Now she's become a young woman!

...and the tiara!

Lili surrounded by her friends.

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