Friday, April 04, 2008

Dear Danny Boy...

Danny Boy-
I sit and listen for your paw

to scratch upon the door,
and all at once, I realize ...
I won't hear that anymore.

I'll miss you more than you will know
I love you very much!
I would give most anything
To feel your soft warm touch.

You're the sweetest dog in all the world
A dear you've always been,
And I will really miss you
because you were my friend!

More than a friend, you know that's true
So gentle all your days.
I won't forget the love we've shared
as we go our separate ways.

To meet again in the final end
In heaven we will be...
And I can hold and pet you
Throughout Eternity.


One of my dearest friends, Barbara, wrote this poem and I received it today in a sympathy card. Of course, I cried, but I thought it was such a wonderful sentiment for me and my beloved Danny Boy. Thanks Barbara, for such an amazing gift.

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