Sunday, April 13, 2008

Play Time at the Park

On Friday we got together with Angie and her girls, Chelsea & Miranda Joy at the park. The girls had a blast and got out a lot of energy, which was wonderful at nap time! Chelsea is holding her little sister on the slide! WEEEE!
Chelsea and Sarah riding the animals!
LOTS of FUN on the swings!
Chelsea was pushing Sarah!

Don't ya just LOVE that smile? Boy, Miranda Joy is just that-a joy to be around!
She did it all by herself this time!

My Baby is climbing all by herself!
Chelsea tackling the monkey bars with a little help from her Mom!

Sarah LOVES that slide!

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G'ma & G'pa said...

Those are some real cute pictures of all the girls. We sure miss them, thanks for sharing. Chelsea's & Miranda's G'ma & G'pa