Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Danny Boy I Want to Remember

I was in the upstairs hallway this afternoon and looked at the wall. I had this photo framed up on the wall in a doggie frame. This was taken of my Danny Boy sometime between 1997 and 2001, he was somewhere between 5 to 9 years old. (That's when I had this couch of my former roommate's) It reminds me totally of the spirit of Danny boy...he always wanted to play and had a toy nearby. His ear was so funny-for many years he had one ear up and one ear down. It was so cute and characteristic of him. His haircut is a mess and needs to be cut, but I see the life in this photo that I didn't see any more in the pics that we took yesterday. This is how I want to remember my dear sweet beloved Danny Boy. Happy. Playful. Man, I loved that dog...and still do.


Anonymous said...

This is precisely the little dog I remember so well when I would visit. As I'm sure Amy (the moving commenter in the original Danny-Boy post) would say--there is only one first dog that you give your life and heart to--all subsequent dogs are only filling that void--hers was left by Ebby (I remember those heart wrenching posts of hers so well) and yours by Danny-Boy. Just think--Danny-Boy is probably chasing a ball tossed by your Uncle Danny and they're both playing somewhere--free of pain and disease--and waiting for the rest of us to catch up. I loved him and, of course, I love you guys.

Sarah's LaoLao

Ruby Cate said...

LaoLao hit the nail right on the fuzzy doggie head. Ebenezer is & always will be my ONE & ONLY fuzzy best friend, my four legged soul mate. His soul runs free where the cookies are plenty & the kitties abound and his body lay peacefully under our cherry tree in the back yard. It's tough, it never goes away, but it DOES get easier. If you ever visited our house, you'd see photos of my boy ALL OVER THE PLACE! Dozens of them, all of him being happy, being silly, being funny, being my boy. All the way I remember him & will do so forever. Even Ruby talks of him every day. She only was able to share her love with him literally for six months before we had to say goodbye, but still she shares a love for my boy to this day. It's very precious to see and warms my heart. Hope your home is filled with dozens of memories of your Danny-Boy for you to hold dear in your heart & help you to smile each & every day... even if it's through a few tears.


-Amy & Ruby Cate

(& Ebby too!)