Thursday, March 27, 2008

Children's Museum with friends!

Thank you to those of you who left the comforting comments about my sweet Danny boy in the last day...I really appreciate you all.
A couple of weeks ago, we had a play date with Angie & her kids and 2 of her neighbors and their kids at the Children't Museum. It was a blast. Here's how the day went!

Isn't Miranda Joy so adorable? I love that smile!
Angie's girls: Chelsea (at the sink), Miranda Joy and Sarah baking something!
Getting the mail

LOVING the water play area...this time we wore a smock-apron thing to protect us from getting soaked!
Miranda joy loved the water, too...

...but she did NOT like the smock-apron thingy! She's even cute when she cries!
Sarah's turn on the horse!

Sarah decided to tackle the rock wall this time...I was really close by, waiting to have to catch her. But, she did wonderfully!

Success AT LAST! This was as far up as she got, by the way.
Miranda Joy taking her turn as being the cashier!

Wait, Mama...I can't go for a ride without putting some gas in the car!

...and I can't forget to put air in the tires!
Sarah's turn as cashier...I love the way she's scanning the can

They had a blast by the area with all the balls and the tubes they were flying around in...

They had a real life flight helicopter they got to climb all over and play on. the driver seat!

I love Miranda Joy's uh-oh face! So cute!

All in all...a day full of fun!

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