Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Pioneer Day

In Utah there is a big celebration on the 24th of July. I'd venture to say, that it is as big of a deal as the 4th of July is. There are fireworks and carnivals/fairs all over the valley on that day. We decided to get the kids some sparklers and a few fireworks to light off here. They had a blast. By the way, the 2 cuties that remarkably resemble Troy-those are his kids that are visiting from Washington....well it started as a visit, then we just learned that their whole family is moving back to Utah-YAHOOOO! We're really excited to be able to see them more and spend time with them during the holidays, their birthdays, etc.
With no further ado, I bring you the A. family activities/celebrations during the 24th of July!
Now, really...where have you seen 3 faces cuter than that??

I got to eat a vanilla ice cream cone and they put it in a cup for me so it was easier! I made a mess and it was ALL over my face!

Ohhhh, look at those fireworks!
Look, I even got it on my nose!
I'll hold it, but I'm not sure yet if I want to actually look at it!

Here's Miss Bailey showing off her sparklers!
Ohhhh...can I get this thing lit?

This is SOOO much fun!

I love the sparklers, Mama!

Braden likes his sparklers, too!
...and of course, so does Bailey!

Can you tell they were looking at Baba on my left?
A night of lots of fun for these 3 kids!


Andrea said...

Glad to see you made it back safely!! That is exciting news about the kids. I bet it will make things a lot easier on you guys.

C.J. said...

What cute kids! I love the pigtails she is sporting.

Sarah's LaoLao said...

Well cr*p--My long (as usual) comment from earlier today didn't show up--so I'll guess that I'll just say thanks for the pics--I went back and compared them to the photos from last Pioneer Day and boy have they ALL grown.
Your Mom and Sarah's LaoLao