Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Trip to the Farm

Yesterday, we went to the Historic Farm and we had lots of fun. There was a baby cow that I pet. He was brown and really cute.

Baba picked up the rooster...since he had chickens when he grew up, he knew how to pick them up and not get hurt. He was really soft.

It was hot and the baby pigs were trying to cool off in the shade.

There was a pretty horse, too.

Baba held me and I got to pet him.

The bunny was sleeping.
See my pretty necklace? Bailey made it for me!
I'm climbing in the tree house!

...and looking out the window!

Here is my sister, Bailey, and my brother, Braden. I love them bunches!

Bailey looks like she is in jail!

I like to climb on anything I can!

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