Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Fun Saturday!!

We had a fun-filled busy day today! We started the day with Lia and her Mommy at Build-a-Bear! It was "Stuffable Hugs" day, and we stuffed cute brown bears and Build-a-bear donated them to orphans in the US and around the world. We thought it was a wonderful opportunity to help out some children that don't have families yet...especially since Sarah and Lia used to be orphans.
(Wow, that really was difficult to type, and even more difficult to imagine that MY daughter used to be an orphan. It's amazing how it seems like she's been in my home and heart since she was born...and even more it breaks my heart that this was not the case. Thank God that she's in my arms now, safe and orphan, no more.)

Here is little Lia, trying her hardest to get as far away from that stuffing machine as she can! She was a little afraid of it, probably cause it was so loud.

Here is Lia with the bear that she stuffed to give to the little kids that don't have families. She was giving it hugs, hopefully the little boy or girl that gets this bear will feel her hugs and love!

Here, Sarah is getting her bear a heart to put in his chest.

She's giving that heart kisses!

Well...since our Sarah is potty training...and she's filled up 2 whole potty charts with smiley stickers, we decided that she needed a cool reward. So, Sarah got her first Build-a-Bear today! She chose Hello Kitty. She's giving her a heart in this one.

And now we need to give Kitty a bath!

...and she needs a good brushing...

Mama...I'm not sure I WANT to give this cute bear away to someone else...

Our girls are showing off their creations...

Here's my new "Mulan Kitty" that I made today. I make Mama put the Mulan movie in the DVD player EVERY DAY!!! I love Mulan! Mama knows all the words to the movie now and she always sings along! I love it anyway!
Here she is!
I love my Mulan Kitty!

We were hanging out and chatting today after we made our bears. Lia was so sweet, she shared her crackers with me! She's so cute, I love to play with her and I can't wait till next month's play date!

Here is my cute friend, Lia! It's really cool because she is from Jiangxi province in China, just like me!

After our play date we went to the Living Traditions Festival downtown. It was so much fun! They had lots of ethnic foods, crafts, music and dance. Mama and Baba took me here last year, too. We got there just in time to see the Chinese dancers. We also got to meet Emilie and her Mama, she's another friend from Jiangxi, and we hope she can join our play date next month!

I was just relaxing by the fountain when we were getting ready to go home and have a nap! I really needed one after my busy day!

Here is my pretty Mexican flower that I made with Mama at the Kid's Craft area!


C.J. said...

What a great day!

Love the Build-a-Bear project.

Sarah's LaoLao said...

Darling Girls. . .You know. .when I came to visit last Sept. . .Sarah was about the same age as Lia and she was definitely more clingy than she is now. . .so,too, will Lia become more adventurous. That little bow shaped mouth of Lia's was just custom built to receive about a million of her mother's kisses. The are both just DOLLS. sigh. . .I miss seeing Sarah sooooo much!!

Pat from OH AKA
Sarah's LaoLao
(and YOUR mom!!)