Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Play Date with Lia

Last Saturday Me and Mama went to the park and had a really fun play date with my new friend Lia and her Mama, Susie! Mama says that Lia is from China, just like me and she's even from the same Province in China as I am! She's a year younger than me, but I don't mind! She's cute and a lot of fun!
I wasn't too sure about this slide, was big!

I wonder if I can climb up this pole? Hmm... there's Lia, she's checking out my Mama and the camera!

What's up there, anyway??

We are riding this merry go round thingy...

Mama said my shirt is getting too short...I'm just growing nice and tall! Baba says maybe I will be like Yao Ming!

Lia is so nice...I was sharing my cheerios with her. I wanted to hand them to her, but we kept dropping them!

Look, Mama...Lia is taking them out of my hand! Yummy!

Lia likes to look at her picture on the camera just like I do!

This was my favorite! The spinning chair...I figured out how to make it spin around and around! I rode in this for a LONG time before Mama said it was time to go home!

Lia was riding in the other one, but she was a little small for it, but she still liked it!


I figured out that it's more fun with my eyes closed!

My Mama was catching Lia when she went down the slide, she liked the slide!

Isn't Lia soooo cute?
Peek-A-Boo Lia!!

We can't wait until we have another play date in May! It was so fun!


Sarah's LaoLao said...


Look at Lia's cheeks--to die for--all that cuteness together in one place--sorry, Robin but I think Sarah is meeting her match in cuteness.

Seeing Sarah-Beara juxtaposed against another little one--I can get a better idea of just how much she has grown in the past year--I hope your Red Thread playgroup grows--could you imagine anything cuter than these two unless it would be another one or two precious angels showing up.

Love you both

Pat from OH
AKA THIS Sarah's LaoLao

Beckyb said...

She is a doll - well, they both are!! I have to laugh - our Chloe is SO much taller than we thought she would be - we joke that Yao must be related to her too!!! Great blog - I'll be back!!

Jewels of My Heart said...

They are precious, so beautiful and how wonderful that they get to grow up together... I think it is so special that they are both from Jiangxi.
Thank you so much for the quilt square, it means so much!
God bless