Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Very First Quilt...

Well, I've gotten the quilting bug! Since I've collected squares to make Sarah's One Hundred Good Wishes Quilt, I have also joined numerous quilt swaps. I decided to join a ladybug swap recently and realized that I could make a baby quilt for my friend, Paige with the squares. I did have to add a square or 2 and ended up with a few other critters, as well. Paige is pregnant and will have a girl, she's naming her Danielle. I have the coolest sewing machine. I put Danielle's name on the top left corner with my machine It was good practice for Sarah's quilt. It's not 100% perfect, as far as quilting goes...but, I think I did a pretty good job, for my first time. I didn't have enough time to machine quilt it (I'm not sure how yet, either) so I just hand tied it, since the baby shower is on June 9th. Now I'll put together a little scrapbook for her with the wishes I received from the other ladybug swappers. I hope she likes it.
Not bad, right?


Sarah's LaoLao said...

What a nice job--did you know that when you embroider--you're supposed to use a reinforcing or enbroidery stabilizer to keep is from puckering? What a bright and cheery quilt!!


C.J. said...

Very cute!

I will be paralyzed with fear when it comes time for me to actually do something with all those squares ;0)