Friday, April 13, 2007

Playin' at the Park

Today, I went to the park with Mama. It was SOOO fun! I love to swing, and slide, and ride the horsies. Lao Lao has been asking Mama to take lots of photos of me so she can see how big I am getting. She lives so far away in Ohio, she misses me a lot, so Mama put lots of photos of me, so that Lao Lao can see me!
I am going to ride this one, Mama!
Weeee, that slide was FUN!

Mama was pushing me on the swing!

I climbed up here all by myself!

Fly like an Eagle...

This slide is bumpy!
I like to pet the horsey!

I like to throw the wood chips around in the wind!

These slides are the BEST! WEEEEEE!!!

Thanks, Mama for taking me to the park! It was so much fun! Can we go again tomorrow?


Susie said...

Your little Sarah has a DY-NA-MITE smile! Love those pictures.

Biel (Gabriel Alejandro) said...

You have a beautiful princess whit a beautiful smile.
Congratulations from Barcelona, Spain.

MªRosa, mami's Biel.