Monday, April 09, 2007

Coloring Easter Eggs!

Okay...I found the ABSOLUTE BEST way to color Easter eggs with a little girl that's almost 2 and a half! I found this "Dudley's Spin an Egg" egg coloring kit! It was AWESOME! I put the egg in the spinner, dripped a few drops of color on the egg, sealed it, and Sarah just kept pushing the button! Out came a beautifully colored egg and the best part? MESS FREE!!! I LOVE THIS EGG COLORING KIT!!! I am hoping and praying that I will be able to get more dye refills next year to continue using this most excellent Spin an Egg!
This was our first experience coloring Easter eggs, by the way. It was a blast. Troy, Sarah and I had a load of fun...these are the moments that you remember (or hope to) for the rest of your life...

Ha ha ha...Baba gave me some of the cups of dye!!! Mama says that Baba gets to clean up after me, though!

Now I get to shake it up and make it sparkly with the glitter!

Look, Mama...I have sparklies on my fingers!

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