Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt...

After we had dinner with my Poppa and some of our dearest friends, I got to go outside and look for all my Easter eggs that I colored! It was lots of fun! Baba got me this cool basket, and I looked all over our front yard for the eggs! It was so much fun!
Here goes my hunt...
Mama said she didn't want me to get lost in the bushes with the eggs!

I found it!!!

Now, I need to put it in my basket!

Hey, I found one right here!

And, here's another one!

Look, Mama! I found the orange one!

My basket is getting full!

Look at all my eggs! It's getting heavy!

Here ya go!

This one is all sparkley!

Wow, I need both hands to carry all these eggs!


Sarah's LaoLao said...


I love you


Your LaoLao

redmaryjanes said...

Your darling Mom left the sweetest comment on my blog. She sure does love Sarah. Sarah looks so cute in her Easter dress.