Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pretty in Purple

So, Lao Lao has been at it again! She sent us this adorable chinese inspired purple velvety dress from Hanna Andersson....and the pretty purple flower bow she made matches perfectly!

They got the church all dressed up and ready for Christmas...I kept running around telling Mama, "petty yites" (pretty lights in Sarah-nese"


Andrea said...

Sarah looks beautiful in purple! I can't believe how fast she is growing. She looks like little girl and not so much like a baby. You are so lucky!

auntpatsattic said...

Her speech grows by leaps and bounds--she cracks me up when she tries to tell me something on the phone that she doesn't quite have the speech for--then I hear her say something like "More Carrots, Pease (Please), MaMa. ." which is quite a phrase for a 25 month old.
Glad that I can so my part and wish I could send more Hanna Andersson. . .she looks so cute in it. Love you both
Sarah's LaoLao