Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Beautiful Day at the Zoo!

We had a Great day today. Since my Dad got us a ZOO membership this year, we like to go even when the weather gets cooler. The animals are more fun to watch, it's not so crowded and not as miserably hot as the summers are around here. We couldn't have asked for a more beautidul day. The weather was sunny and there was just a hint of "cool" in the air. It was a blast. Sarah loved it. Enjoy some of our memories from today.
Look Mama! Me and Lili are in the Egg!

This is a fun bridge that swings a little when you walk on it, Sarah loved to walk back and forth on it!

Weeeeee, that was a fun slide! Especially cause I got to ride it with my friends, Lili and Tati.

I'm a lot smaller than the Gorilla, huh?

Look, Mama...this is a lot like the bikes we saw when we were in China!

This is the life!

Baba held me so I could pet the giraffe! He was really soft and friendly, too.

There's me and Baba looking at the zebras!

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