Friday, June 03, 2011

Sept. 2010 The Utah State Fair

We had so much fun at the State Fair! Sarah was tall and old enough to ride a lot of the rides this year, and she had a blast!!!

See the little black haired girl on the left in the back row? That's my Sarah! It was so horrifying to watch her ride this thing! I thought she was going to fly off of it! She's so skinny that she couldn't keep her bum on the seat!

She looks so unhappy and frightened, but she insisted on riding this one! The girls that were riding with her were really cute, they kept checking on her and asking if she was okay.
This was before it started...I kept asking her if she wanted off and she said, "No."


The sea lion show was awesome!

She LOVED the slide! Much better than the little one at the park!

Here she comes!

Waiting for the sea lion show to start

grumpy, but still cute

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