Friday, June 03, 2011

July 2010 Visit to Ohio

In July of 2010, Sarah and I were able to fly back to Ohio (thanks to my Mom) to attend 2 family reunions and have a great visit with my family. I'm not sure why blogger loads photos this way, but they're pretty much backwards, but oh well!

Here is my cousin's little boy, isn't he the cutest?I'm with my Aunt Denise (my Dad's younger sister) and her daughters and her grandson!

Here's another cousin's daughter, love the look she gave when I asked her to smile! So cute!

Posing with her cousin!

Sarah with Elijah

Sarah and her Lao Lao playing in the pond...

Sarah and her Great-Grandpa, my Poppy on my Mom's side of the family

Sarah and her Gigi (Great-Grandma on my Mom's side of the family)
Sarah going for a ride!

My Mom took us to French Creek, part of the Metro parks, and it was really nice.

We saw the Butterfly Garden and went for a nice walk, it was beautiful!

Me & my girl.

Sarah and Hailey outside the Butterfly Garden. Hailey is my friend's sister's daughter-she lives across the street from my Mom with her mom and Grandparents, in the same house that her aunt Kim (my best friend from elementary through high school) lived in. It reminded me a lot of my childhood because Sarah and Hailey were inseparable, much like Kim and me were when we were kids.

checking out the cool "smelly" plants

at the play house inside

The weather was extremely HOT, so humid and muggy when we were visiting. We decided to go out and play in the rain because it felt so good in the heat!

A little chilled finally!

I loved the color of the sky in the rain!

Sarah and Lao Lao soaked!

We went to the beach for a little swim because Sarah was begging to go!

Here is the lighthouse that Lorain is famous for!

Sarah decided to make some sand angels! LOL

Playing in the sand

While we were visiting, my Grammy's (Sarah's Gigi) cat had kittens, they were so cute!

This was at the family reunion for my Mom's side of the family. This is Samantha, aka Sammy, my cousin's daughter.

Me & my cousins-we're all grown up!

Sarah and Sammy

We had a really nice visit!

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