Monday, November 02, 2009

Sarah's birthday dinner!

Well, our precious little girl turned 5 last week! I can't believe how much she's grown!
We went out to eat for her birthday with family and our dearest friends.

Opening her Tinkerbell jewelry box from Nati, Tati, & Lili...

Okay, Sarah! WHO are you texting?? And Lili, isn't she a bit young for you to teach her that??
This was the look on her face when they brought her ice cream and sang "Happy Birthday" to her...
More looks at the singers!
Not as bad as last year! Last year it scared her and she cried in my arms for 10 minutes after they finished singing!
Movie from Lao Lao!
and MONEY!
Kai Lan from Mama and Baba
She HAD to carry some of her presents to the car by herself!

Our Little Cutie!

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Karrie said...

Happy Birthday Sarah. Sorry I'm late but I'm just amazed how fast you are growing. It seems like yesterday Mamma was sharing about your third birthday! May you be blessed beautiful princess girl!