Friday, October 30, 2009

Trip to California!

At the beginning of October, we got to go to California for Troy's sister's, (Leanna) wedding. It was so much fun and we were really glad we were able to go. We hadn't seen our family there for 2 years, so we were excited to go and they were excited to see us!
Isn't this photo hilarious? Sarah was so mad, she didn't want to wear this mask after insisting that we buy it for her. I made her wear it for the photo, and this was the face I got. It cracks me up every time I see it!
Here is the quilt that I made Leanna & Mark for their wedding gift.

Sarah, in the middle behind the girls is D.J. (Troy's cousin's son) and Taya (Troy's brother's daughter & Sarah's cousin)
Sarah & Taya waiting for the wedding to start.
Troy walking his Mom down the aisle as the ceremony begins
Troy's Dad walking his girl down the aisle! Doesn't she look gorgeous?
And, the kiss!
It's official! They're married!
Sarah with her Uncle Robert!
Family Photo!
Cutting the cake

Sarah and her Aunt Leanna
Uncle Robert, Taya and Sarah

The whole family! I'm looking forward to getting a copy of the photo the photographer took of this one! Mine's a little blurry
Leanna and her Dad! (& Sarah's Grandpa)
Sarah with her cousins

That's Sarah with her Uncle Del (Troy's cousin)
Troy, his friend, David, and cousin, Del
Brothers! (I had to say so, since you can't tell at all! LOL)

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