Friday, October 30, 2009

September Play Date

Yup, I'm a month, almost 2 behind! YIKES! In Sept, we went to Gardner Village for our play date. The kids rode ponies, pet the animals in the petting zoo, and took pictures with some witches over there. It was a lot of fun.
Sunny and Gigi were enjoying lunch... Sarah and her Lao Lao playing together Sunny was happy after it was her turn to be upside down!

Preston riding the pony
Sarah with Preston and Lia

Preston didn't like the sun in his eyes!
And again on the swing
Lia riding the pony

Sarah and Sunny waiting their turn on the ponies
Sarah and Preston looking adorable!
Looks like that goat is telling Sarah a secret, doesn't it?
Lia and her Mom, Susie, checking out that sheep
Sarah and her LaoLao
Sarah and Preston running all over the place!
Christy and her girls, Gigi and Sunny
Gigi on the pony

Preston's turn upside down!
Gigi's cute smile!
Lia and one of the witches
Lia, Preston, and Sarah by the witch

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