Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Splash Pad Play Date

Last week, we found a really fun Splash Pad Park and had a play date with my friend, Paige, and her kids. Sarah had an absolute BLAST over there! I must say that the water helped me cool down a little, too! Almost made our HOT weather bearable!

This was her speed pretty much the whole time we were there...I was lucky to get her to stop long enough for me to take a photo!

Here is Sarah and Danielle on the playground.
running around...

Chase was cute, Sarah had absolutely NO fear of the water, but Chase...not so much. He was not sure about it and was thinking that the water would hurt his eyes, much like the chlorine in the pool does. He finally got a little nerve up and asked Sarah to hold his hand and take him over there.

He did well until they got right to the water...You can see him changing his mind and pulling away! By the way, he finally did get into the water before we left, it just took him a while.

Having lots of fun in the water!

Climbing around on the playground

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