Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sock Hop Anyone?

I'm a little behind here...back in June, Sarah's preschool had a sock hop performance for the parents. It was so cute, I took over 125 photos, and had a hard time narrowing it down for the blog!
Here's my attempt at only posting a few.
This is Sarah with Alexa before the performance began.

I took posted this shot because I thought it was really cool that I caught Sarah in the air Mid-Jump! I'm not even sure why she was jumping!

This is really cute. When the teacher would show them a photo of Elvis, the little boys would all say, "Thank You, Thank You Very Much" with their best Elvis voice. Then all the little girls would SCREAM their loudest like the Elvis fans would do! I think this must have been her favorite part.

Rockin' Robin

Blue Suede Shoes

Splish Splash!

Good Night, Sweetheart!
The Twist!

These somehow got a little out of order!

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