Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Belated 4th of July!

We're fortunate enough to live in the town that has a Parade, carnival, and fireworks for the fourth of July. Sarah won't let us miss the parade and especially the fireworks! We had a lot of fun and Sarah's finally old enough to get some candy and stuff that they throw at the parade. Some of the older kids were still getting it all and not sharing, but she still got plenty! She's not pushy enough and that's OKAY with me!
Here we are waiting for the parade to begin. We had to get there pretty early to get a decent place to see the parade and waited for a while.
Some cute pics of my girl...

Some people were selling snapper during the parade. Sarah had fun throwing them and then stomping on the ones that didn't pop initially!

Miss Liberty!
A really cool bike that clown's riding!
Yes, she has a USA bum!

Baba and his Girl waiting for the fireworks to start. What's with the closed eyes?
Being silly on her blanket!
Her favorite treat-a fruit & yogurt parfait

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