Sunday, May 31, 2009

My First Bento Box Lunch

After seeing all the fun Bento Box lunches that M3 makes for her twins, I was inspired! My Mom (Sarah's LaoLao) went online and bought Sarah a bento box and some fun food picks and molds. After church today, I dug through the fridge to see what I could find. I'm not really creative, and this was only my first attempt. I must admit, it was fun to make it and even more fun for Sarah to eat it. She absolutely LOVED it! I need to add some starch next time. Maybe make some rice!
If you can't tell what it is, there is some lunch meat, red grapes, string cheese chunks, grape tomatos, and baby carrots. Anyway, Thanks M3 for the inspiration!


M3 said...

Hey that is great!!! They're fun to make, aren't they? And I'm so glad it got a thumbs-up. :-)

MomOfOneMore said...

Okay, girl, how do you have time to blog??? You've always got the cutest photos...and more photos...and you go everywhere! Do you have a blog-nanny? If so, I want her phone #!!!
Sarah is sure looking grown up these days!
love, Angie

Anonymous said...

That looks really cute Robin--now try some little pieces of cold chicken and try the hard boiled egg/rice mold I also ordered--I'm dying to see THAT one. Keep up the good work and try some carrot 'coins' interspersed with cheese and grape--should be also interesting.--Try taking one of the hardier variety (fresh fruits and veggies) to the park. Love you all

M om
Pat from OH
Sarah's LaoLao

Susie said...

Great job...I haven't dared yet to make them for fear I don't have the creativity to do it.