Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our Trip Home

So, Sarah's Lao Lao (My Mom) finally got so tired of not seeing Sarah, she got Sarah and I plane tickets so we could go and visit my family. Sarah was bombarded with gifts just about every day we were there and got REALLY spoiled by her Lao Lao...just like every little girl should be once in a while.
Here is Sarah showing off her new twirly skirt from Lao Lao on the night we arrived.
Every little princess MUST have a feather boa!
Here is Sarah and her Lao Lao holding her new movies!
And trying on her new sandals...
Lao Lao put out these fun twirly flowers for Sarah to play with.

Sarah and her Lao Yee waiting to have dinner

Sarah at my cousin's house in her cute outfit.
Here is my family! (with one of my cousins missing)
That's my cousin's daughter, Sammy with Lao Lao and Sarah with Gigi and Poppy next to them.

Sarah's playing (or trying to) my cousin's piano
Lao Lao and her girl!
Lao Yee and his girl!
Jumping and jumping and jumping
Sarah's Gigi (my Grandma) giving her hugs
Here's my Poppy (Grandpa) with Sarah
Thanks Lao Lao and Gigi for a wonderful visit!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering how long it was going to be before I heard from you after your trip? Well it looks like Sarah was pretty well spoiled, that is great! I am glad you all had such a wonderful trip...

Anonymous said...

I really cannot believe how brief the visit seemed--I miss Sarah even more than before you came to OHIO.--And you too--chopped liver!!