Thursday, May 29, 2008

April's Play Date

So I am obviously behind a bit in my blogging, if you haven't noticed. The problem was my computer. I couldn't get online for more than a few minutes without Internet Explorer shutting down, or the entire computer restarting. I got a new computer for a kick butt deal and am LOVING it. No more sporadic and unexpected shut downs! Yee Haw! Now I will try to get a little caught up. Here are some photos of our play date from April. We went to the local farm and the girls had a blast.

Sarah is checking out that sheep!

and petting the baby goat...
Sarah with Lia and Susie checkint out the pigs!On the treehouse...
The best of the group shots. The girls were sharing their treats. Sarah got a powdered donut which explains the extra white smile! From L to R are Lia, Sarah and Sunny.

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