Thursday, January 17, 2008


Yeah...I know, most kids do this at least once.
I mean, I remember being much older and trying to cut my hair at my Grandma's house. And, I did learn one thing about myself through this process...I'm pretty humble when it comes to myself...but I'm much too proud and concerned about my daughter and her appearance. A lesson well learned as I've had to learn to love the "new" haircut just as much as the cute piggy tails she used to sport. Underneath it all, she's still my Noodle and I still adore her.
But, when I walked into the room where she'd been watching a movie during one of my "hurry and get these quilts completed by Christmas" sessions, I must admit...I FREAKED! And of course, it HAD to be 5 days before Christmas! I couldn't believe how high she'd climbed and how resourceful she'd been to get my very sharp and pointy gingher embroidery scissors. But most of all, I couldn't believe the HUGE pile of hair she'd been collecting in front of her on the bed.
My Mom kept it in perspective when she mentioned how many times those sharp scissors approached her eyes and face to no avail, she wasn't hurt.

Well, we're here for our first ever salon haircut. Not quite the reason for which I had hoped...

In mid-haircut...or I mean an attempt to fix the damage my ever so helpful 3 year old thought she'd trim her bangs and be a good helper to Mama cut.

Notice the over 60 year old comb over technique that Nikki is attempting to cover the damage?


sarah's laolao said...

She still is beautiful to me--especially inside where it counts. She can be so generous and kind spirited one moment and the next is saying :

"I think it's a GOOD idea for me to watch another movie" (after you've told her no to a second movie). Hard to believe I haven't seen her for over a year thank heaven's for your blog and cell phones

Your Mother said...

Check your age counter at the bottom of the page--sez Sarah is 3 yrs and 6 months--instead of 3 years and 2 months and however many days.
Your mom

Andrea said...

She still is the cutest kid on the block!! Besides, it won't be long and it will all be back.

Sarah's proud Mama said...

Mom, she won't be 3 yrs and 6 mos until after the end of April.

live2qlt said...

Just to let you know, that you are not alone in dealing with the "haircuts". My oldest daughter probably has cut her hair about 5 times so far. The first was when she was almost 3 with kid scissors. The second was at 4 with my sewing scissors, the third at 4 1/2 (this is the one that I had to cut her almost waist length hair to very short) was with kitchen scissors and the the other 2 times were very minor but still she did it. Now at almost 6 and her hair is mid back length again, I sure hope she doesn't do it again! Now I'm worried about my 3 year old doing the same thing.

i-Con said...


So, her future is not in hair styling. At least her attempt will be short lived :0)