Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The "Bad Boy"

Well...when Sarah was potty training Troy would put her on the potty when she had to poop and tell her encouragingly, "Come on Sarah....push that bad boy out."
Needless to say, Sarah started calling her poop, the bad boy. I appreciated that so much when Sarah and I were in a public restroom and it was my turn to go and Sarah would ask, (as loudly as possible)
"Mama? Are you pushing out the bad boy?"
I would try to "shush" her and tell her not to say that at the store...even if I just had to pee, the strangers in the next stall had no idea and my face was still red as a beet when I exited the stall to wash our hands.
I tried to stop reacting and she finally stopped saying it in public and honestly I hadn't heard her mentioning it much any more.
Then...last weekend, Sarah was sitting on BaBa's lap and he was talking to Bailey about our pet ball python, Kaa. He was explaining to Bailey that he has a heterozygous gene in his DNA for albinism and if he was bred with a female with the same gene...we had a chance to get an albino baby ball python. They are so beautiful--white with orangey/yellow patterns on their skin.
Bailey asked, "what would you do with one if you had one?"
Troy told her that they sell for $5,000 as babies and "I would sell that bad boy sooo fast!"
Bailey asked, "what would you do if you two of them?"
Troy retorted, "I'd sell both of those bad boys and have $10,000!"
I was watching Sarah because she had squinched up her nose....then in her 3+ year old logic, she says, "EWWWW, Baba! You don't want to buy poopies!"
The laughter was non-stop for at least 10 minutes following.


i-Con said...

Oh THANK YOU! I needed that laugh out loud...priceless :0)

Anonymous said...

Once again--Sarah has left me speechless (not that it's a bad thing)
Sarah's LaoLao

Anonymous said...

That is great! I just love the LOGIC of those three year olds!

Sarah's LaoLao said...

And to think that a few short weeks after THAT--she took the scissord to her own locks. . .sigh. . .Sarah. .Sarah. .Sarah
I love you, noodle.
Your LaoLao