Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas Photos, and More!

Well...I have been slacking off severely! As Sarah's Lao Lao is not forgetting to remind me about. So, this is an attempt to highlight some of the fun activities that we've experienced this past few weeks. A photo may say...

We decided to start a new tradition for our Sarah...we made a birthday cake and on Christmas Day we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. Of course, Sarah got to blow out the candles, and taste them as well!

This was one of Sarah's FUN presents. She got a Dora indoor tent that she loves! Peek-a-boo was her favorite game with it.

This year we had a blast opening presents. Sarah would look at them and say, "peasants! Open it!" and whenever ANYONE had a present to open, they had a 2 year old helper. She'd say, "help you!" while tearing into your present!

Awww, giving her new leopard hugs!

I had to post this one, Sarah has officially learned how to jump! I just wish I'd been facing her at the time, I bet the smile on her face was priceless!

She just loves those books...

This is Christmas morning and Sarah just opened her new Lamb chair. She's so cute, she gives it hugs and kisses all the time. It's so soft and comfy!
Not to mention, it's pretty bouncy, too!

Awww...those priceless hugs. This is the doggie that Mama and Baba got for me. He's so soft and cute!

And my cool new table with chairs. I love to sit and play!

More hugs for my doggie, we're still thinking of a name for him...any ideas, anyone?
This is my awesome new stool from LaoLao! It has my name as a puzzle on it and I love to try to put the letters in the right place! It's a lot of fun to sit on, too!

This was on Christmas Eve, and the awesome new legos I got from Aunt "Shay-shee", Uncle Chris, Shy, and Jash. Me and Shy built a big tower!

This is my warm and pretty new hat that Aunt "Shay-shee" made me! I like it!

I was dancing around the living room and Mama grabbed the camera, of course!

This was my cute outfit from Lao Lao. We were getting ready to go to Lili's birthday party and Mama made me smile for the camera. I don't mind, though cause I like to look at the baby on the back of the camera!

This was one of the presents that I got from my Grandma & Grandpa Archer. This is the best frog! It sings songs and I dance to them and play with it EVERY day! I love it!

Hanging out with Baba!

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