Friday, December 15, 2006


So, for some reason today I'm feeling quite comtemplative. I read something that has got me thinking about the Blessing that my daughter is. So, I decided this is the best forum to get these things out of my head and heart to words. There are so many things in my brain right now, bear with me.

My daughter has changed my life in so many ways...I went from working full-time in a career to a life of a full-time cook, maid, diaper changer, snot wiper, and owie kisser.
I love that when it's time to go to bed, Sarah gets really silly and we have a blast together being silly and laughing.

I love that when she has an owie she wants me to kiss it and when it's a really big owie, she runs to my arms, lays her head on my shoulder and wraps her arms and legs around me and just cries it out.

I love the way she finds something humorous and looks over to me with a smile that could light a room to see if I think it's funny, too.

I love how when we adopted her she wouldn't even look my direction but now, she looks me straight in the eyes and says, "yahve you"

I love the way she tries to sing along to the radio in the car when she thinks I'm not paying attention and I hear her sweet little voice repeating the words of the song in her own little sweet melody.

I love to watch her dance to the music with such abandonement...bouncing up and down at the knees, clapping her hands, wobbling her body to and fro, and walking around in circles to the beat.

I love the way she claps and cheers, "YAY, MAMA" when she hears me flush the toilet after using it. (Can you tell we're trying to potty train?)

I love the way she runs to me when I get home in the morning from work with a big laugh and jumping up and down yelling, "MAMAAAAAA" as she wraps her arms around my shoulders with a big hug.

I love that she says, "Yawve You," "MISSHYOU" when we put her to bed.

I love that no matter where we are, no matter who we are with or around No one can cough, sneeze, or burp without Sarah telling them, "bessh you"

I love that while she lies in bed at night and we are talking when we cough or sneeze she shouts from her room, "bessh you!"

I love the way she farts and tells me, "Mama farted!" when I say, "No, it wasn't Mama" Then she says, "Baba farted" when I tell her, "No, Baba isn't even here" she gets a BIG, SILLY grin and says, "shara farted!"

I love that when she sees a photo of herself, she says, "baby shara" then she'll say, "mama's shara, baba's shara!"

I love that when I grab the duster to get the house clean, she runs to the cupboard, grabs the second duster and runs to the living room and says, "dusty tee vee, Mama" and continues to help me dust.

I love that when it's time to vacuum, she says, "help you, Mama" grabs the handle of the vacuum and starts to try to vacuum the carpet with the vacuum angled in the air cause she's too short to hold it so it touches the floor.

I love the way she rides our dog Liberty like she's a horse!

I love that she says, "petty yites" "kissmas tree" and NO Man when we see Christmas lights, a tree and a snowman while driving around in the car.

I love the way she snuggles up in my lap on my left leg and leans into my shoulder as I read her story after story after story, each time she goes and gets another one.

I love the way she laughs like crazy when I tickle her until she's had enough and she manages to get out, "shtop it peazhe" while she's still laughing.

I love that when she is in the shopping cart that I'm pushing and I'm stopped, looking at something, she'll lean forward put the side of her face against my tummy and say, "Awwww, yawve you, Mama" Then she'll ask for a "UG, Mama"

I love the way she wakes up from her nap and yells at me, "WAKE UP!" thinking that I'm asleep, too...and it's time for me to wake up and get her!

And, that's my cue! Gotta go get my girl.

Before I do, I guess the most amazing thing that I love and have learned is there is no feeling on this planet like feeling the love of my child.

Here's my baby when she saw the Christmas tree for the first time last Sunday, Please pay no attention to the laundry!

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Andrea said...

I love your post. It brought tears to my eyes!