Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Valentine's Party

Sarah had a Valentine's Day party at preschool back in Feb. Parents are invited to party days, of course I was there and took a few cute photos.
I like this one cause Sarah has the happiest smile! You can definitely tell she's having a blast!

Here is my adorable girl getting ready for church...don't you just love polka dots and ruffles?
(Yes, Mom--I know she needs a trim here!)

This would be what happens when Sarah gets a hold of the camera herself! Pretty hilarious if you ask me!

This is before the preschool party began

All the kids in Sarah's class told their teacher what they loved and it was written on hearts and hung up out in the hallway.

I was so proud of Sarah's answer...especially when all the others were so different...

Sarah was doing some sign language that she's learned as the motions to the song!
and of course, a very silly face!

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