Saturday, February 13, 2010

January Play Date

Because of everyone's busy holiday season, we decided to skip our play date in Dec. and went right through til January! Since Sarah had so much fun at the bouncy house place, we decided to have her play date there, too! We even got to meet a new friend, Kylie, this time!
Here is Angie with her Miranda Joy (aka Smiley! LOL)
Here is our new friend, Kylie! Isn't she cute!
Can you believe how big Gigi has gotten?
There's my little buddy, Preston!
Sarah and Kylie were inseparable! They kept looking for each other and Sarah was Kylie's little helper, it was adorable!
Here are Kylie, Miranda Joy, Sarah, and Preston

Here's cute Chelsea (Angie's daughter and Miranda Joy's big sister)

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